SOSLAB and SL Corporation Partner to Develop LiDAR for Automotive Lamps

2023-05-31 13:55 출처: SOSLAB

LiDAR built-in car lamp developed by SOSLAB and SL Corporation (Photo: SOSLAB)

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2023년 05월 31일 -- SOSLAB, a global leader of 3D high-performance LiDAR hardware and software technologies, and SL Corporation (KRX:005850), a global automotive lamps manufacturer, announced that they had entered into a technology development contract for the core LiDAR technologies and products with a goal of mass production.

Through distribution of its LiDAR hardware and software system parts, SOSLAB will provide autonomous driving and state-of-the-art safety functions for SL Corporation’s automotive lamps. Based on the functions, SL Corporation is currently developing a LiDAR built-in lamp. The long-term goal of these companies is to supply the LiDAR built-in lamp to various vehicle models.

At the CES2023, SOSLAB presented LiDAR data to the audience by holding a live demonstration of ML-X, a high-performance LiDAR product, applied to lamps of Hyundai Motor Company’s GV80. Compared to the existing products, the distance performance and resolution of ML-X have been more than doubled. Also, the size was reduced. With each resolution improved by three times, ML-X comes with an SOC developed exclusively for laser control in the transmitting unit. So, the overall product size and weight were reduced to 9.5x5.0x10.2㎤ and 860g respectively.

SOSLAB CEO Ji Seong Jeong said, “While working with SL Corporation, we have become convinced that LiDAR can be applied to car lamps, and that it is optimal in terms of price, performance, size, durability and sensor cleaning. We strive to be the last stander in the global LiDAR industry by providing LiDAR + lamp system suitable for new vehicle designs in the global finished vehicle OEM market.”

SL Corporation’s R&D manager said, “We are pleased to have entered into a contract with SOSLAB, a global LiDAR company equipped with excellent technologies and high-performance products. We look forward to making an epochal mark in the history of automotive LiDAR market based on close cooperation.”


Established in 2016, SOSLAB attracted investment by approximately KRW 36 billion until last year with LiDAR, a core sensor technology for autonomous driving. With global top-tier companies as customers, SOSLAB is developing products for application to robots, smart city and smart factory in addition to autonomous vehicles.

About SL Corporation

SL Corporation is an automotive parts maker and distributor. The company’s product portfolio consists of automotive parts including automatic lamp assembly, chassis, mirror, head-up display, and front-end module. SL Corporation plans to provide the state-of-the-art lamp system for autonomous driving based on the 3D high-performance LiDAR of SOSLAB.

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